We are currently transitioning to a new submission system, which will be mandatory beginning July 1. Until then, IRB applications may be submitted two ways: electronically using the online system, A-Tune, or by completing and emailing a Word application. Please see the instructions and guidance below, and feel free to contact the office at 605-677-6184 or humansubjects@usd.edu with questions.

Step 1 - Determine if you are conducting human subjects research

  • If you are unsure if IRB review is required and do not have an A-Tune account, please submit a Determination Application or submit one through A-Tune.  

Step 2 - Complete CITI Training

All investigators must be CITI trained. Please take 1 of the following 2 courses, depending on your type of research you will conduct.

  • GRP 2 Social Behavioral Research for Investigators and Key Personnel, Basic Course.
  • GRP 1 Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel, Basic Course.

Training FAQ

CITI Training Registration Guide

Step 3 - Complete application 

For emailed submissions, complete the appropriate Word application

For A-Tune submissions, verify you have an account, or request an account. Login to A-Tune to submit your application and refer to A-Tune instructions for assistance.

Step 4 - Complete associated forms. 

  • USD consent templates contain the required regulatory elements, IRB contact information and guided wording for various study elements. Studies that do not require a signature on the consent form may use either the "Consent Statement Template" or the "Cover Letter Template." Research with children or cognitively impaired subjects should include both a parental consent form and an assent form.
  • Submit any other forms that may be applicable to your study.
  • Submit VA specific forms, if relevant.

To continue, amend or close your protocol:

For studies approved by email, please submit forms

For studies approved in A-Tune, please follow the A-Tune instructions for guidance on submitting these forms in the system.

If you have any questions, you may reach the office at 605-677-6184 or humansubjects@usd.edu, or the director at 605-677-6067 or ann.waterbury@usd.edu.