Enrollment Dashboard

The USD Enrollment Dashboard offers basic trend data related to student enrollment at USD.

By default, the tool shows a simple count of USD students over time.  Additional measures – including full-time equivalent enrollment and total credit hours enrolled – can be selected using the “Select a Measure” menu.  A variety of filters are available to limit the trend line(s) to specific student subgroups.

Source: USD Student Information System


  • All data are sourced from university census date extracts.
  • The data depicted in this tool reflect enrollments in USD course sections only; concurrent enrollments in course sections offered by other universities are not considered.
  • Valued shown in the "Students by Location" section are not mutually exclusive. For example students may enroll simultaneously in USD main campus courses and USD internet courses.
  • Students can be considered both "state-supported" and "self-supported" in any one semester; consequently, these labels are not mutually exclusive for any individual student in a given term.
  • "Age Group" labels refer to age as of a student's depicted enrollment tern.