Enrollment Dashboard

The USD Enrollment Dashboard offers basic trend data related to student enrollment at USD.

By default, the tool shows a simple count of USD students over time.  Additional measures – including full-time equivalent enrollment and total credit hours enrolled – can be selected using the “Select a Measure” menu.  A variety of filters are available to limit the trend line(s) to specific student subgroups.

Source: USD IRPA Graduating Student Survey data files


  • For any given survey administration, the GSS sample includes all anticipated degree completers from all academic levels. The survey typically generates an overall response rate of roughly 50 percent.
  • Because the survey administration opens two months prior to graduation, many students may complete the survey prior to finalizing their post-graduation plans.
  • All data reported in the tool are based on self-reported survey responses; data are not validated using any other source.
  • In this tool, wage summaries reflect data for those graduates accepting full-time employment only.