Persistence Dashboard

The USD Persistence Dashboard provides an interactive tool for tracking student persistence at USD.


Using the provided filters and comparison options, users can analyze retention rates, graduation rates, and overall persistence rates for a wide variety of targeted student groups. The complete list of available measures can be seen in the “Select a Measure” dropdown.

Note that data are shown for as many years as are available for a given starting cohort. For example, fewer years of outcome data are available for the Fall 2015 starting cohort than are available for the Fall 2010 starting cohort.


Source: USD Student Information System


  • This dashboard includes all degree-seeking undergraduates (with a home location of USD) beginning a degree program in a given fall term. This population includes first-time students, transfer students, and system transfer students.
  • To replicate official retention and graduation rates, users must select the “Bachelor’s-FT” group from the “Federal Cohort” filter, and then select the “Retention Rate: Enrolled in Fall Term” measure (for official retention rates) or the “Graduation Rate: Bachelor’s Degree” measure (for official graduation rates).
  • The “Took Remedial Course(s)” field refers to lifetime attempts, not attempts in the first year only.
  • Data are sourced from a variety of extract data and live data, and therefore may vary subtly from other published reports.