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Chemistry Graduate Program


Explore the world of sustainable energy through nanomaterials.

Research and graduate education opportunities offered at USD fall within the themes of photodynamics and nanomaterials offered in close-knit research settings.


Master of Science (M.S.)

Focused in four core areas that bridge these traditional demarcations:

(1) Electrochemistry and Surface Science

(2) Molecular Spectroscopy and Photodynamics

(3) Organic Synthesis and Chemical Reaction Mechanisms

(4) Nanostructured Composites for Catalytic and Sensing Applications.

This program also includes an accelerated option where up to 12 credits applies toward completion of a bachelor's program may be used to satisfy graduate credit. Current USD students may begin the program after completion of 90 undergraduate credit hours.

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Materials Chemistry

Focused on the chemistry of new materials including synthesis, characterization and applications with an emphasis on nanomaterials. Fourteen industry-leading research faculty at USD span the major sub-disciplines of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic and physical), their work is focused on:

(1) Nanomaterials for catalysis, energy storage, environmental remediation, luminescent up-conversion, plasmonics, sensors and solar energy conversion

(2) Metalorganic chemistry for luminescent sensors and catalysis

(3) Organic synthesis for photovoltaic and drug delivery applications and chemical reaction mechanisms

(4) Computational chemistry and molecular spectroscopy

(5) Electro and photoelectrochemistry

(6) Bio-polymers and bio-medical devices

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Admission Requirements

For more detailed admission requirements, please refer to chemistry in the current graduate catalog. Additional requirements exist for international applicants. For more information, visit International Admission Requirements. For more details about the graduate chemistry programs, contact Graduate Admissions at 605-658-6200 or email

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