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SPCM 101

This course is designed to combine the study of communication theory with practical applications of these ideas into your communication decisions. You will develop an understanding and appreciation of the study of human communication from a variety of perspectives and contexts and will apply those theories to your communication experiences. The course involves practice in speaking and statement, listening, critical thinking, relationship building, small group decision making, persuasion and argument construction and evaluation.

SPCM 101, Fundamentals of Speech, is part of the general education curriculum, and fulfills the South Dakota System General Education Requirements, SGRs #2-Oral Communication and #7-Information Literacy.

There are several sections of SPCM 101 offered in any given semester. Each section consists of a large lecture class where students learn basics of effective speaking, as well as a smaller lab setting where they practice and present to their peers. To enroll in an open section login to webadvisor (login required).

Speakers’ Night – A Celebration of Great Speaking

Every fall and spring semester, the top student speakers from all the SCPM 101 sections present their speeches to a large audience and compete for prizes. Check the USD Calendar for the date and come and support your peers!

Special Options

SPCM 101 is also offered online and is available to the USD Honors program as UHON 101 and to students enrolled in TRIO, Upward Bound and Crazy Horse Academy.