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Become a School Psychologist

Transform children's lives through assessing, diagnosing and intervention.

Training education professionals to support student success academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally.


School Psychology: Ed.S. and Ph.D.

Our nationally accredited school psychology program provides individualized, hands-on training for students who are committed to providing a full range of psychological services for children of all ages. Our small class sizes allow students to develop one-on-one relationships with the program faculty as they learn how to prevent or evaluate learning, emotional and behavioral problems, design and implement academic and behavioral interventions and collaborate with teachers, parents and other professionals.

Our students have a 100 percent pass rate on the Praxis School Psychologist examination.

School Psychology (Ed.S)

School Psychology (Ph.D)

Admission Requirements

For more detailed admission requirements, refer to Counseling and Psychology in Education in the current graduate catalog. For more information, visit International Admission Requirements.

Application Deadline:

  • Preferred admission: February 1
  • Ph.D.: April 1
  • Ed.S.: April 15

The Classroom & Beyond

  • Graduate Assistantships

    Qualified students may be able to get financial assistance and additional experience through graduate assistantships. You can apply through the Graduate School for opportunities within the School of Education.

  • Counseling & School Psychological Services Center

    The center provides supervised clinical training for graduate counselor and school psychology trainees and serves as a resource to the community.

  • Research Opportunities

    Our faculty are engaged in a range of research activities and involve our students to broaden their academic experience through discoveries at all stages of the research process.