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Curriculum options at USD School of Law

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Required Courses

The J.D. curriculum during the first year of law school is comprised of 32 required credit hours. Three courses are required in the upper-division curriculum, as well as courses in two elective areas, a writing requirement and a third-year bar preparation course. Finally, students round out the degree by choosing among a range of elective courses. In order to earn a J.D., you must complete all academic requirements and earn a total of 90 credit hours.

First-Year Curriculum

During the 1L year, you will be introduced to the common law, procedure, legal research and writing, and a short overview course which exposes you to key theoretical concepts which will inform much of the learning you will experience during the first year.

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Upper-Divison Required Courses

You must enroll in Constitutional Law, Evidence and Professional Responsibility during the 2L year. Thereafter, you must complete at least one code course from the list of approved courses, earn a minimum of six experiential learning credits, complete your upper-division writing requirement and enroll in the 3L bar preparation course.

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Course Listings 

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Course Descriptions

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