Nebraska-SE South Dakota Section Meeting of MAA

Hosting the 2024  Nebraska-Southeast South Dakota Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America.


April 12-13

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of South Dakota is proud to host the 100th anniversary celebration of the Nebraska-Southeast South Dakota Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. This event aims to bring together educators from across the region to engage in discussions and presentations on various aspects of mathematics, ranging from course content to teaching methodologies and research endeavors. Whether you're a teacher or a student, this conference provides an opportunity for you to present your work alongside experienced professionals.

Featured Speaker

Opel Jones

Pattern Avoidance in Restricted Permutations

In 1974 Dumont found two types of permutations are counted by the same sequence. The first type is a permutation in which each even entry is followed by a smaller entry, and each odd entry is followed by a larger entry, or ends the permutation. The second type is a permutation wherein if an entry is a deficiency, it must be even, and if an entry is an exceedance or a fixed point, it must be odd. These are now known as Dumont permutations of the first and second kinds. In this talk we will discuss several enumerations of restricted Dumont permutations, that is Dumont permutations avoiding certain patterns. We will also briefly discuss their proofs which involve methods using induction, block decomposition, Dyck paths, and generating functions. We will conclude with a conjecture that the patterns 2143 and 3421are indeed Wilf-equivalent on Dumont permutations of the first kind.

Opel is a loving husband, dedicated father, and servant to the community. He mentors, tutors, volunteers, and coaches youth football and youth baseball in his free time. Throughout the years, Opel has excelled as an engineer, mathematics and statistics lecturer, development officer, and computer scientist, at several institutions and the federal government. He also served as Director of the Leadership Institute at Hampton University, teaching leadership studies and developing leaders in addition to teaching mathematics and honors seminars. Currently, he is a mathematician and analyst at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Additionally, he is currently serving on the County Council in Howard County, Maryland. He was first elected to office in 2018, and re-elected in 2022.

Opel earned the B.S. in mathematics from Hampton University, the M.S. in mathematics from Howard University, and the Ph.D. in mathematics also from Howard University. He is a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. His professional associations include the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the National Association of Mathematicians.  Opel loves music, football and baseball, reading, completing ridiculously hard Sudoku puzzles, and is a lifelong practitioner of martial arts. He and his wife, Shaundra, are extremely proud parents of three: Opel II, Ivan, and Whitley!

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