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Provide the means and support for every student to successfully complete the program and obtain employment

Action Steps and Accountability Metrics

This goal is achieved in the University of South Dakota PA program through a state-of the-art gross anatomy laboratory, clinical exam rooms, simulation center and study space. Similarly, very recent technology is deployed throughout the teaching facility classrooms and PA students have 24/7 access to the teaching facilities. Students and the program have access to the Parry Simulation Center located in the Wegner Health Science Center and its library in Sioux Falls. In addition, PA students have access to the university library and writing center, to name a few of these available resources. Finally, upon admission, each PA student is assigned an advisor to oversee the student's academic progress.

  • Achieve five-year graduation rates (2018-2020) greater than or equal to the nation average as measured by the PAEA Annual Survey.
Graduation Percentage Student-to-faculty ratio at national average as measured by the PAEA Annual Survey Five-year graduate employment (2016-2020)
USD PA 97 percent 8.3/1 (without Program Director)
94 percent employed
-2016-2019 (Pre-Covid)
-1 unknown in 2019, otherwise 100 percent
-2020 (Covid-19): 7 searching.
PAEA (2019 Program Survey) Report 93.9 percent 13.4/1