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For information about a specific hall, choose from the list below. USD has many housing options and our residence halls are a great place to make your home away from home. Not only are they economical, they're convenient and fun!

North Complex

The residence halls within the North Complex (Beede, Mickelson, Richardson and Olson Halls) offer first-year and upper-class students a great opportunity to get involved in academic and social groups, living learning communities and activities. Each floor in North Complex includes a communal kitchen and laundry room. The North Complex halls house 1,444 students and are conveniently located near the Fine Arts Center, the Wellness Center, School of Education, Muenster University Student Center and DakotaDome.

North Complex Features

North Complex Floor Plan

Coyote Village 

Coyote Village is a four-story, 175-unit complex located just south of the DakotaDome and provides suite-style and apartment living for 546 students. Not only does it offer privacy and the convenience of living on campus, it also has a convenience store, central laundry facility and 15 seat HD theater and smart classroom. Coyote Village also helps reduce its impact on the world as it was awarded the LEED Silver Certification for environmental impact and sustainability.

Coyote Village's suites/apartments allow you to be as social or as private as you want. Suites include a communal kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave, while apartments also include an oven/stove. All suites and apartments include a living room that offers a great place for roommates to come together, while you also have your own private bedroom and share a bathroom with one other resident.

Coyote Village Features

  • Suite and apartment style
  • Single gender by apartment/suite; coed by floor
  • First-year students
  • Upper-class students
  • Two and four-bedroom units
  • Available during winter break, spring break and summer

Coyote Village Floor Plans

Burgess & Norton Halls 

The Burgess and Norton complex houses 293 students and focuses on smaller student communities giving you more chances for involvement. Burgess and Norton halls are conveniently located near Dakota, Noteboom and East Halls, as well as the Delzell Education Center and the Arts & Sciences Building.

Burgess and Norton Hall Features

  • Double rooms
  • Single gender communities
  • First-year students
  • Upper-class students
  • Available during winter and spring breaks for an additional rate

Burgess & Norton Floor Plan

Brookman Hall

Brookman Hall

Placed near the Lee Medical Building, Brookman Hall provides students a peaceful living environment with a small community feel.

Brookman Hall Features

  • Single and double rooms
  • Coed and single gender communities 
  • Upper-class students
  • Available during winter and spring breaks

Brookman Hall Floor Plan

McFadden Hall

McFadden Hall offers privacy and affords you the convenience of living on campus. McFadden's houses 100 students in four-person apartments and allows you to be as social or as private as you want to be. A communal kitchen and living room offers a great place for roommates to come together. Parking garages are available at an extra cost and laundry rooms are available on the second and third floors.

McFadden Hall Features

  • Four-bedroom apartment style units
  • Single gender by apartment/suite/coed by floor
  • Upper-class students
  • Available during winter and spring breaks

McFadden Hall Floor Plan