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Housing & Dining Costs

Review the costs associated with University Housing and Campus Dining.

Housing Costs

USD offers a variety of residence hall environments to complement your college experience. Our staff is available to help you determine what will be your best residence hall experience on campus.


Residence Hall Single Occupancy Double Room Single
Double Occupancy Triple Room Double
Triple Occupancy/
Temporary Lounge
Beede Hall $2,977.00 $3,179.00 $2,445.00 $2,728.00 $2,098.00
Mickelson Hall $2,977.00 $3,179.00 $2,445.00 $2,728.00 $2,098.00
Olson Hall $2,977.00 $3,179.00 $2,445.00 $2,728.00 $2,098.00
Richardson Hall $2,977.00 $3,179.00 $2,445.00 $2,728.00 $2,098.00
Burgess Hall - $3,179.00 $2,445.00 $2,728.00 -
Norton Hall - $3,179.00 $2,445.00
$2,728.00 -

Apartments & Suites

Residence Hall Apartments Suites
Coyote Village 2 Bedroom - $4,531.00
4 Bedroom - $3,753.00
2 Bedroom - $4,255.00
4 Bedroom - $3,545.00
McFadden Hall 2 Bedroom - $4,367.00
4 Bedroom - $3,616.00

Summer Housing Costs 2024

Residence Hall 2-Bedroom Suite 4-Bedroom Suite 2-Bedroom Apartment 4-Bedroom Apartment
Coyote Village $852.00 $710.00 $906.00 $750.00

Summer Special Rates

Student Double $128.00 Per week
Student Single Occupancy $158.00 Per week
Summer Bridge $285.00 4 week rate

Camps & Conferences

Length of Stay  Single (Traditional) Single (Apartments)
Daily $43.36 $50.08
Weekly (4 nights or longer) $173.44 $200.32

Items for Rent

Item Charge Availability
McFadden Garage Rental $136/semester Available to residents of McFadden Hall on a first come, first serve basis.
Loft Rental $58/semester Available to Beede, Mickelson, Richardson, Olson, Burgess and Norton residents.

Early Arrival & Break/Outside of Term Rates

Standard Departmental
Daily $22.58 $11.29



Meal Plan Options
and Policies

Campus dining offers many convenient dining options provided by Sodexo.

Considerations When Choosing a Meal Plan

More information on meal plans is available at Campus Dining. Please consider the following when choosing a meal plan:

  • All students living is residence halls are required to have a meal plan.
  • Students who DO NOT select a meal plan by three weeks before the start of each semester are defaulted to Yote Pack 70 (see above).
  • Meals do not transfer from semester to semester.
  • Unused FLEX dollars will transfer from fall to spring, but will not carry over to next academic year. Unused flex will not be refunded. Check out our Flex Budget Tool to help track your spending.
  • Meal plan changes can be requested up to the add/drop deadline date at the start of each semester (TBD).

Terms and Conditions

You'll use a Coyote Card to use meals and spend FLEX dollars. Please read the Coyote Card terms and conditions, as these constitute legal obligations between the student and the university. Upon first use of your Coyote Card, you are accepting the terms and conditions of USD's Coyote Card Program.

First- and second-year students are required to live on campus and have a meal plan. If you would like to receive an exemption or change/add/cancel your housing or dining arrangements, please review the policies and forms.

Policies & Forms


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