Housing Contracts

Housing Contract Release & Live-On Requirement Exemption

Students may be released from their housing contracts or exempted from the live-on requirement in specific, limited circumstances. Read through the housing and meal plan exemptions below or read your housing contract for more information.

All students living on campus should understand our community policies and procedures.

Review who is required to live on campus and have a meal plan.

SDBOR Housing and Meal Plan Policy

Review the policies and responsibilities of USD Students.

USD Student Code of Conduct

Review the policies and responsibilities of students living on campus.

University Housing Community Living Policies

For information on disability accommodations, visit Disability Services.

Fill out this form to be exempted from the fire regulation policy for spiritual or religious purposes.

Fire Regulation Exemption 

Withdrawing from USD

To withdraw, contact the Registrar's Office in the Belbas Center. For more information, contact us directly at University Housing. Students withdrawing from the university must check out of their room within 24 hours of officially withdrawing from the university.

Housing & Meal Exemptions

Below you'll find information regarding housing and meal plans exemptions at USD. Contact the University Housing office if you have any questions.

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