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Please select from these commonly requested registrar forms for students, alumni, family and friends:

Academic Appeals (MyUSD login required)
The process and form for appealing academic decisions such as final course grades or dismissal from a program.
Undergraduate Add/Drop Form (MyUSD login required)
Add or drop a course from your schedule during the designated period as outlined in the academic calendar.  
Graduate Add/Drop Form (MyUSD login required)
Add or drop a course from your schedule during the designated period as outlined in the academic calendar.
Audit a Course
Request approval to audit a course from the instructor and school/college dean.
Bachelor of General Studies Degree Completion Plan
Form for General Studies degree to be completed with the academic advisor.
Change of Catalog Form (MyUSD login required)
Elect to assume the graduation requirements of a later catalog.
Pass/Fail Authorization (MyUSD login required)
Request approval from your advisor and dean to take a class pass/fail.
Petition for Late Drop or Withdrawal (MyUSD login required)
Petition to have your registration cancelled or Late Drop/Withdraw from a course with a "W" grade.
Petition to Enroll in an Undergraduate Course for a Fourth Time (myUSD login required)
Petition your academic dean for permission to enroll in an undergraduate course for a fourth time.
Petition to Enroll in a Graduate Course for a Third Time (myUSD login required)
Petition the Dean of the Graduate School for permission to enroll in a graduate course for a third time.
Withdrawal Application (for complete withdrawal from USD) (myUSD login required)
Drop all of your current classes and completely withdraw from the university. Must be initiated by student.
Confidentiality Request l Online Form (MyUSD login required)
Request to keep your directory information confidential.
Letter of Recommendation Form
Authorize your recommender to include your education record information such as grades and GPA.
Request to Review Records
Request to to inspect your education records - records that contain information directly related to you as a student and maintained by USD
Release of Information Form
Authorize the release of specified items in your education record such as grades, GPA and billing information to specific parties for a specific purpose.
Change of Name Form
Submit your Name Change request with the appropriate supporting documentation. 
Diploma Re-Order Request Form 
Order a replacement diploma (fees apply)
Transcript Request Form
Request your official transcript be mailed or picked up from the Office of the Registrar (fees apply)
Residency Appeal Form (Step 1: Application for Residency Status)
Application to request South Dakota residency status for admissions and tuition and fees purposes. 
Residency Appeal Form (Step 2: Appeal of Resident Status Decision - Board of Regents)
Appeal of residency status to the Executive Director of the South Dakota Board of Regents should the initial residency appeal to USD be denied.
Change of Transfer Equivalency Request Form
Request a different USD course equivalency to a course already accepted in transfer by USD
Credit by Examination Form
Credit by Verification Form
Request for Transfer Credit from a Non-Accredited Institution
Request courses taken at a non-accredited institution be evaluated for possible transfer credit to USD. 

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The Office of the Registrar serves as the institutional guardian for official academic information and records in supporting the faculty, staff and students of the University of South Dakota.

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