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Your Commitment:

  • You need to be able to work at least 10 hours per week while in school and be willing to participate in Work Scholar events.
  • You’ll meet with your mentor at least twice each semester. We’ll get you started with a virtual orientation session so you can get to know each other. After that, you and your mentor pick a schedule that works for you both.
  • You’ll have access to dozens of Yotes Unfiltered podcasts, webinars and Coyote Careers spotlights, but only need to participate in two from each category.
  • You'll get invited to Yote Alumni-Student Networking Mixers, featuring multiple breakout sessions, panel discussions and opportunities to connect with alumni who can help you prepare for your career.

Employer’s Commitment:

  • Employers offering Work Scholar jobs are making a special commitment. They have targeted specific jobs that will help you gain skills that align with your career interests.
  • If your job is not with a Work Scholar employer, you can still take advantage of a mentor and other Work Scholar benefits.

Mentor’s Commitment:

  • Your mentor will be a USD alumnus who wants to help you succeed.
  • They will meet with you at least twice per semester to check in with you on how your job is going, what you are learning, what road blocks you may be encountering and provide you with solid advice to not only stay on track, but to get ahead.

USD’s Commitment:

  • We’ll target certain jobs and employers as Work Scholar jobs and make sure that they offer you the kinds of experiences that will help you learn and grow.
  • We’ll pair you with a recent mentor who can help you think about your career path and offer your advice on how to get there.We’ll design and create special opportunities for career building events.