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Your future is your creation, and the process starts here.

Unique programs and outstanding faculty help you develop your craft while earning a professional degree.

From its creation to interpretation, art is a personal experience. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to personalizing your education process, too. Our bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree offers a comprehensive understanding of studio art or art education, as well as art and art history minors.

Each studio class is taught by a professor who will support and guide you through the curriculum and facilities that house everything you need during the creative process. The resulting environment fosters your talents while teaching you something new every day. Our faculty is as committed to their craft as they are to their students. They continually produce and show their work nationally and internationally, and have won national teaching and art awards for their distinguished excellence.


Studio Art

This four-year program focuses on intensive work in art or design, balanced with general studies. While pursuing this visual arts degree, you’ll get a thorough, specialized training that develops the skills, concepts and sensitivities that are essential to a professional artist or designer career. Emphasis programs include:

Art Education

As an art education major, which includes a K-12 certification in art, you’ll spend four-and-a-half to five years preparing to teach at the primary or secondary level. At the same time, you’ll be trained as a visual artist in one of the studio emphasis areas listed above. This degree is offered in conjunction with the School of Education to ensure that you’re equally and comprehensively exposed to the academic and artistic components of the degree.

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Studio Art

Art Education