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You'll need to complete coursework and other requirements before submitting an application.

Scored Prerequisite Courses and GPA

  • You can find a list of the prerequisite courses required for our program in the catalog.
  • All prerequisite courses (both unscored and scored prerequisite courses) must be completed or in progress at application deadline, which is February 1, and all must be completed by June 1. Scored science prerequisite courses greater than 10 years old will not be accepted.
  • Department minimum GPA on scored prerequisite courses is 2.5. No applications will be considered with a scored prerequisite GPA lower than 2.5. Applications with final or midterm grades of D or lower on any scored prerequisite courses will not be considered. If a course has been repeated, the grade received for the most recent registration will be used in calculating the scored prerequisite grade point average. If you are repeating a scored prerequisite course with a D or lower grade at the application deadline, the midterm grade for the current semester will be used in place of the previous grade. Per Board of Regents policy 2:4, students are allowed to enroll in an undergraduate course no more than three times. Applications with a scored prerequisite grade point average of 3.25 and above and no retakes or withdrawals of a scored prerequisite course(s) receive first-round consideration.

Students From Other Programs

  • Students who have been enrolled in any dental hygiene program or who have been enrolled in a School of Health Sciences program are eligible for selection into the dental hygiene program as long as they have left the program in good standing. Documentation regarding this status is required from the program chairperson and must be submitted with the student's application prior to the deadline.
  • There are articulation agreements with 2 technical colleges (LATC and WITCC)  in which students meeting specific criteria may be exempt from a maximum of 2 courses within the DH professional curriculum. For more information, please contact the Department.


To be eligible for admission to USD Dental Hygiene:

  • You must be a US citizen OR
  • You must possess a green card indicating permanent residency and have lived/worked in the US for three of the previous five years.

Transfer Students