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NCAA Trophy

Student-athletes must meet all National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) general eligibility requirements, as well as University of South Dakota academic requirements, to be eligible for intercollegiate competition at USD. A compliance representative in the USD Office of the Registrar determines this eligibility by certifying that each student-athlete meets the following NCAA rules.

Incoming Freshman Student-Athletes

  • Student-athletes entering the University of South Dakota as freshmen with no previous full-time college attendance must meet specific academic requirements as certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center in addition to being enrolled as a full-time student at USD (enrolled in at least 12 semester hours).

NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center also includes an amateurism certification section used to determine the amateur status of freshmen and transfer prospective student-athletes. Student-athletes must request and receive their Final Amateurism Certification to be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics.
  • For more information, contact the USD Compliance Office at 605-658-5506.

Transfer Student-Athletes

Student-athletes transferring to the University of South Dakota from another institution must meet a specific set of NCAA rules. The NCAA has final approval for any exceptions or of the waiving of these rules.

NCAA 2019-2020 Guide for Four-Year Transfers for Student-Athletes at Four-Year Colleges

NCAA 2019-2020 Guide for Two-Year Transfers for Student-Athletes at Two-Year Colleges

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