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Finish what you started.

The Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) is designed to accommodate students who have accumulated significant college credit (60 hours minimum) and who want to complete a baccalaureate degree.

The B.G.S. degree is available in one or a combination of the following formats:

  • Online
  • On-campus in Vermillion, South Dakota
  • Community College for Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • University Center - Rapid City in Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Capital City Campus in Pierre, South Dakota

Degree Requirements:

Students must complete 30 credit hours from the University of South Dakota (USD), delivered in any form, at any location. The number of USD credit hours earned immediately preceding attainment of the degree must be 15 of the last 30 credit hours. Moreover, a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit in courses numbered 300 or above is required. Students must complete or have completed USD's general education requirements (30 credit hours), plus 45 credits in three areas of emphasis (15 credits in each area) selected by the student and advisor and approved by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Areas include:

  • Allied Health = ACP, selected CLHU, selected CMST, COUN, DCOM, DHGY, HSC, MLS, NURS, SOCW
  • Business = ACCT, BADM, BLAW, selected CMST, DSCI, ECON, ENTR, FIN, HRM, HSAD, selected MCOM, MGMT, MKTG
  • Education = selected ARTE, selected CMST, selected COUN, EDER, EDFN, ELED, selected ENGL, EPSY, selected HLTH, INED, LIBM, selected MATH, selected MFL, MLED, selected MUS, selected PE, SEED, SPED, TET
  • Fine Arts = ART, ARTD, ARTE, ARTH, selected MCOM, MUAP, MUEN, MUS, THEA, selected WMST
  • Humanities = ARTH, CLHU, selected CMST, ENGL, HIST, LING, selected MCOM, MFL, NATV, PHIL, REL, selected WMST, any non-English language course(s)
  • Science, Engineering, & Math = ANAT, BIOC, BIOL, BME, CHEM, ESCI, selected GEOG, ISCI, MATH, MICR, MTRO, NSCI, PHGY, PHYS, selected PSYC, STAT, selected SUST
  • Social Science = ANTH, CJUS, selected CMST, DCOM, ECON, selected GEOG, HIST, INTS, LDR, LGL, selected LING, MCOM, MSL, NATV, POLS, PSYC, SOC, selected SUST, selected WMST
  • Technology = CSC, TET, selected MCOM
  • Wellness = ACP, HLTH, KSM, PE (PE100 limited to 6c)

Students may petition for the use of additional prefixes from any discipline to meet graduation requirements. Finally, a capstone course is required.

Admission Requirements:

Admission Requirements for the Online Bachelor of General Studies can be found at Undergraduate Admission Requirements.

How to Apply:

How you apply depends on the type of student you are:

First Time Students:

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Transfer Students:

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Returning Students Applying for Readmission:

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For more information about the online Bachelor of General Studies, contact USD Online at 605-658-6200 or by email at

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