International Tuition & Costs


International Cost of Attendance

Estimated current tuition, fees and other costs per academic school year.
Undergraduate (30 credits per year)
Graduate (18 credits per year)
Tuition & Fees
Living Expenses
Other (books, insurance, discipline fees, etc.)

Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for two scholarships that are reduced from our annual tuition fee of $12,942: the Coyote Commitment Scholarship and the Global Community Scholarship. The Coyote Commitment is automatically awarded to first-time freshman applicants students at the time of admission, with a value of up to $4,000 per year based on high school GPA. All undergraduate students (including transfer students) are eligible to apply for the Global Community Scholarship, which is based off of extra curriculars, community service, and a variety of other factors. The GCS is valued between $1,000 to $3,000 per year and may be stacked on top of the Coyote Commitment. Recipients of both awards may achieve a half-tuition scholarship. 

Graduate Assistantships

The University of South Dakota offers qualified post-baccalaureate students financial assistance in exchange for their teaching, research and service efforts to the University. Teaching and research assistantships are awarded by individual departments and are highly competitive. Assistantships come with a tuition reduction plus a semester stipend.

Read more about Graduate Assistantships

Additional Information

  • Living expenses vary depending on choice of living accommodations and/or meal plans.
  • Students enrolled in select disciplines are subject to additional fees, which are accounted for in “Other” as detailed above.
  • The actual cost of insurance will be based on the specific plan and the age of the student/enrollee.
  • If bringing dependents add $4,500 each for food and medical insurance.
  • International students are not eligible for United States federal financial aid, except for a few eligible noncitizen categories.


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