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Professor gestures at a whiteboard during a graduate chemistry class at the University of South Dakota

The Power of Choice

Design a program that fits your unique communication interests.

Our program focuses on close faculty mentoring, a broad range of communication knowledge and skills and personalized growth toward each student’s goals.


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Students who have completed our program are prepared for leadership positions in a variety of fields, including:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Media
  • Politics
  • Social and human services
  • Health
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Public administration
  • Technology
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Human resource development

The program also prepares students for doctoral study and for teaching at the secondary and post-secondary levels. After completing foundational courses in research and theory, you will build on your interests and goals by selecting courses from the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Media and Journalism, as well as related departments throughout the university.

Some of our recent graduates have crafted their degree programs around:

  • Communication in cross-cultural adaptation
  • Gender stereotypes in media
  • Persuasive techniques in political campaigns
  • Provider-patient interaction in health care
  • Sports and community identity

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Admission Requirements

For more detailed admission requirements, please refer to Communication in the current graduate catalog. Additional requirements exist for international applicants. For more information, visit International Admission Requirements. For additional details about the graduate communication program, contact Graduate Admissions at 605-658-6200 or email

The Classroom & Beyond

  • Speech and Debate

    Speech and Debate participates in parliamentary debate and all 11 American Forensic Association (AFA) individual events.

  • Our students are actively researching and presenting at local and national conferences, in innovative areas of interest to them.

  • Presentation Center

    The PC is dedicated to the production and refinement of oral presentation delivered in classrooms and other settings to include formal and informal presentations.