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A student is sitting in front of a computer looking at a diagram of a brain.

Explore Neuroscience

Take an introductory neuroscience course to see if it's the major for you. All majors are welcome.

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary degree that will prepare you for a wide-range of careers.

Degrees in neuroscience will prepare you for several professional and career pathways, including: 

  • behavioral neuroscience
  • biomedical sciences
  • clinical neuroscience
  • counseling and clinical psychology
  • law/intellectual property
  • medicine
  • neuropsychology
  • occupational therapy
  • pharmaceutical and biomedical industries
  • psychical therapy
  • science writing and communication


Neuroscience: Bachelor of Science

You can choose to either specialize in cellular and molecular neuroscience or cognitive neuroscience. Both specializations provide a solid foundation in the biology, chemistry and psychology underlying modern neuroscience. The specialization in cellular and molecular neuroscience provides an in-depth study of the basic biological processes of the cells and circuits that make up the nervous system. The cognitive neuroscience specialization examines the behavioral antecedents of brain and nervous system functioning. 

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**Neuroscience majors automatically receive a minor in interdisciplinary studies.**

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