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We ensure that our legal education is as affordable as possible for our students. Whether you are a resident or not, our costs are very competitive. As education costs have risen over the last few years, we have maintained some of the lowest rates in the country without sacrificing the quality of education.

Tuition & Fees 2021 - 2022

Full-Time Annual Tuition & Fee Rates (Fall/Spring Semesters)

Resident Nonresident Minnesota Resident
$16,794.00 $36,334.00 $TBD

Full-time costs are based on a first-year full-time schedule of 32 credits and include all tuition and fees for the academic year. The first year curriculum consists of 32 credits, 16 per semester for fall and spring semesters.

Flex-Time (Part-Time) Annual Tuition & Fees (Fall/Spring Semesters)

Resident Nonresident
$10,433.00 $20,852.00

Cost of Living, Books and Transportation

On Campus Off Campus
$14,092.00 $16,058.00

Flex-time costs are based on eight credit hours per semester (16 credits per year) plus required semester fees. Costs may vary depending on number of credits taken each semester.

Breakdown of Costs (2021 - 2022 Annual Rates)

Resident Full-Time Tuition (per year) $11,736.00
Resident Flex-Time Tuition (per year) $6,260.00
Non-Resident Full-Time Tuition (per year) $31,276.00
Non-Resident Flex-Time Tuition (per year) $16,680.00
Minnesota Resident Full-Time Tuition (per year) TBD
Law School Activity Fee (per semester) $1,644.00
General Activity Fee (per credit hour) $55.30

Summer Semester Tuition & Fees

Summer semester tuition and fees apply to the study abroad program in China and externships. The costs are calculated based on the hourly rate per credit hour and applicable fees listed above.


Enrolled students may be eligible for tuition and/or fee refunds under the circumstances designated by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Students who wish to apply for a refund by dropping or withdrawing from a class, or by withdrawing from the university, should begin the process by contacting the USD Knudson School of Law registrar.

View Board of Regents Refund Policy

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We strive to make an affordable legal education available to any student. You may contact the financial aid office for resources on attending the USD Knudson School of Law. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available beginning October 1 of each year and there is no charge for submitting the FAFSA. List The University of South Dakota's federal code of 003474 on your application. Federal financial aid options include Federal Stafford Loans, Grad PLUS Loans and Federal Work Study. The University of South Dakota's priority deadline for filing the FAFSA is April 1.
Scholarships are also available and all admitted students are automatically considered for internal scholarship opportunities. The scholarship committee considers a variety of factors, including merit and need, when selecting students for scholarships. Initial offers for internal scholarships will be made after a student is admitted. If you have any questions, please contact

Residency Information

As a public school, tuition costs vary based on residency status. You can determine your eligibility for South Dakota residency by reviewing the South Dakota Board of Regents policy. If you wish to apply for a change of residency status, you must contact the university registrar’s office.

View Board of Regents Policy

Veterans, South Dakota National Guard members and other military personnel may be eligible for discounted tuition rates or a waiver of the residency time requirement. For additional information, please contact the Military & Veteran Services office.

Who is a Resident for Tuition Purposes?

  • Anyone who has lived in South Dakota for 12 consecutive months prior to enrolling in a state institution
  • Active duty personnel and spouse stationed in South Dakota
  • Anyone who has graduated from a South Dakota High School
  • Anyone who marries a South Dakota resident