Self-Service is replacing WebAdvisor. Self-Service helps students plan class schedules while avoiding time conflicts and register for courses. Advisors no longer can enroll students. Self-Service works in all browsers. 

Learn more about Self-Service with the informative videos below. 




Student Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use WebAdvisor?

Students can use WebAdvisor during the spring 2019 semester. Students can use WebAdvisor to:

  • view program evaluations
  • view grades for past terms
  • view grades for spring 2019
  • view past schedules
  • view current schedules for spring 2019
  • drop spring 2019 courses with a "W" until Monday, April 1, 2019

It is anticipated WebAdvisor will not be available starting in June 2019. All of its functions will be available on Self-Service.

What is the use of Self-Service Registration? 

Students will use Self-Service to register for summer 2019 and fall 2019 courses. Students will also be able to view schedules for those terms. If students have any holds preventing registration, they can view those in the "Plan for Registration" section in Self-Service.

Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

How will courses that require department consent be handled?

As with Colleague, required consent for a course (or a section) requires approval. Department staff or advisors will enter the permit in Banner Forms on the SFASRPO screen (after receiving appropriate departmental permission).

How do I make sure that students register for a section at the correct site?

In Self-Service (registration), students should search for the university and location that is appropriate for them. 


Will capacity be set for section sizes?

As with Colleague, departments establish the section caps on the semester sections draft. Banner will technologically enforce those caps.

Will I be able to place a hold on registration?

As with Colleague, only administrative departments assign registration restricting holds. 

Will students be able to register if a hold is placed?

Advisors must remove advising holds before a student can register. Students must resolve any registration restricting holds prior to registering.


Will current students be able to register after April 12th?

As with Colleague, current students can register on the first day of their time ticket (priority registration) and continue registration until the last date of add/drop.

How do advisors remove holds?

On Self-Service, find the advisee’s student profile card and look in the upper right section.

How do we register/support distance students?

Self-Service registration is web-based and mobile-friendly, allowing students to search/register for classes anytime and anywhere on their device of choice. (Registration permitted after their time ticket date and advisor hold has been removed.)

Students with technical concerns can contact the USD HelpDesk at (605)677-5028.

Is there online/zoom training for students?

University CBT’s are created for students and can be found at the videos above.

Once a student permit/override is recorded in SFASRPO, can it be removed? (ie. student changed mind, student didn’t register in required amount of time)

Yes – by using the delete function in Banner SFASRPO screen.