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Coyote Business Consulting Group is a student-centered initiative at the USD Beacom School of Business designed to help businesses stay competitive in the state of South Dakota and throughout the region. The program enables student-teams, with the guidance of faculty advisors, to help businesses solve a critical problem for their organization.


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The University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business launched a student-centered initiative, Coyote Business Consulting (CBC) in 2020. This program was designed to help businesses survive and stay competitive in the state of South Dakota and throughout the region. CBC was available to all businesses, but had a special emphasis on small businesses, as they are the backbone of South Dakota’s economy, comprising nearly 60% of South Dakota’s workforce. The launch of CBC gradually allowed the realization of the gap between higher education and the business industry, both small and corporate businesses. Due to this realization, CBC is offered in both the fall and spring semesters creating flexibility to the students and the businesses. The consulting service will be offered at no charge to small rural businesses and students will have the opportunity to receive financial support but more importantly real-world experience.

The efforts that come from of Coyote Business Consulting is to connect USD Beacom School of Business resources to South Dakota by providing student consulting services. Our affordable and sought-after program offers the opportunity for growth, innovation, and invaluable connections for our students, faculty mentors, businesses and non-profits, and communities.

This 10–12-week, project-based initiative is a great opportunity for students to work with businesses to address some of their challenges to survive and grow.


How to get your Business Involved

  • You will need to complete the Business Application, outlining the scope of your project, by Friday, December 22, 2023. Proposals may focus on any business need (Examples - not a complete list: Marketing plans, e-commerce recommendations/solutions, product development cost life cycle analysis, target market analysis, human resource management plans, job descriptions, emergency preparedness plans, supply chain management strategies, financial strategies, survey development). 
  • A select number of projects will be chosen, and organizations will be notified of their acceptance into the program before January 5, 2024.
  • Organizations will be paired with student consulting teams and faculty advisors.
  • The projects are expected to take 10-12 weeks and will be completed April 18, 2024.

This program will be available to all businesses, but a special emphasis will be placed on small businesses, as they are the backbone of South Dakota’s economy comprising nearly 60% of South Dakota’s workforce.  We also welcome applications from non-profit organizations. To learn more about the program or to submit a project proposal form, visit Coyote Business Consulting for more information. Please reach out to CBC team at or connect with Chelsea Limoges, Director of Industry of Engagement, with any questions you may have.

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MEet the staff

Meet the team behind your success with Coyote Business Consulting.
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Chelsea Limoges

Industry Engagement Coordinator

student success story

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An industry specific experience was a job requirement and my new employer indicated that it was a deciding factor in my candidacy for my position. In my case there is a clear and direct relationship between the work I did on my CBC projects and getting a great job. If I hadn’t participated in the program, I wouldn’t have got the job. It is that simple.

Taylor Keadle


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