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Internships connect the academic training you have received at the USD with the kinds of workplace experiences you will likely have after graduation. They give you the chance to practice the skills you will need in the professional working world with a variety of private or public sector organizations. Internship experiences can take place both on campus (South Dakota Review, etc.) or off campus.

You can benefit from internships in any number of ways. An internship builds your résumé, creates a network that will serve you well for years to come, helps you gain confidence in your professional identity and shows future employers that you have the experience they want and need. For those students who are uncertain about their career path, internships offer the chance to experiment with and experience different professional environments.

Typical internships are taken for 3 credit hours and require a minimum of 135 verifiable hours of work at the internship site. Three hours of internship credit can be applied to your major or minor requirements. Additional hours may only be applied to graduation requirements. Internship assignments may include but are not limited to journal entries, research papers, or extended reflections and analysis of the experience.

Eligibility Requirements for Academic Credit

Students must meet all requirements to be eligible to receive credit for an internship. Any exceptions must be approved by the department chair.

  • A declared major or minor in English.
  • Successful completion of 12 hours of course work in the major, or 6 hours of course work in the minor.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Work Requirements for Academic Credit

ENGL 494 is a variable credit, individualized course. South Dakota Board of Regents Policy 2:32 mandates that internships must require a minimum of forty-five (45) clock hours of work for each credit hour earned.

  • 1 credit hour = 45 work hours (minimum)
  • 2 credit hours = 90 work hours (minimum)
  • 3 credit hours = 135 work hours (minimum)

Internship Timeline: Students

6 months ahead:

  • Research possible internships. Consult resources housed in the Academic & Career Planning Center in ID Weeks Library as well as faculty in the department.
  • Prepare a résumé and identify references.
  • Identify a faculty member who will supervise the internship.

Before internship begins:

  • Meet with supervising faculty member to establish assignment guidelines and deadlines, and to establish expectations for internship behavior.
  • Submit completed Student Agreement and Employer Agreement to supervising faculty member. Give a copy of the Employer Agreement to the employer.
  • Register for internship credits through the supervising faculty member

When internship is completed:

  • Both intern and on-site internship supervisor complete an evaluation form that is returned to the supervising faculty member.
  • Meet with supervising faculty member to review the experience and validate completed assignments.
  • Supervising faculty member records grade for internship.

Internship Timeline: Faculty Supervisors

6 months ahead:

  • Begin working with student to identify potential internship sites.

Before internship begins:

  • Work with student to establish assignment guidelines and deadlines, and to establish expectations for internship behavior. Assignment guidelines should specify not only the nature of the assignment(s) but also any content/length requirements.
  • Collect completed Student Agreement and Employer Agreement from student, double checking to make sure that responsibilities are clear. If everything is in order, confirm with student that they should give a copy of the Employer Agreement to the employer.

During internship:

  • Within the first month, check with both student and employer to see how the internship experience is going.

When internship is completed:

  • Collect evaluation form from both intern and on-site internship supervisor.
  • Meet with intern to review the internship experience.
  • Collect assignments associated with internship, grade them and record the grade.

For more information, contact:

Name Department & Office Contact
Darlene Farabee
  • Chair, English / Associate Professor
Dakota Hall 211