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Psychology: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

In addition to providing a strong foundation for graduate studies in the field, a degree in psychology prepares you for a number of related career and graduate study fields such as child development, biology, communications, criminal justice, health care (including medical school), law, philosophy, theology and more.

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Neuroscience: Bachelor of Science

With a neuroscience degree, you can specialize in cognitive neuroscience or molecular and cellular neuroscience. After graduation, you can pursue graduate studies in behavioral neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, biomedical science or clinical neuropsychology. You will be prepared for careers in a variety of areas, such as medicine, physical therapy, law, science writing, communication or the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. 

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  • Logan Welker

    Logan Welker

    recipient of the USD Council on Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship grant award.

  • to the current Department of Psychology awards recipients.

  • Human Factors Students

    in the various Psychology related organizations.