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All applicants are reviewed based on the following criteria to ensure they are adequately prepared to enter the nursing program: 

  • Unconditional admission to USD (i.e. student is not on probationary status)
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 in prerequisite B.S.N. courses (does not include electives)
  • A grade of C or above is required for all prerequisite coursework*
  • HESI Admission Assessment Exam (A2) score of 80% or higher

*Students who fail to obtain a C or higher in the pre-requisite nursing courses (N311 & N315) may repeat only one of these courses one time. Students who fail to obtain a C or higher in any of the prerequisite science courses (CHEM 106/106L; PHGY 220/220L; PHGY 230/230L; and MICRO 230/232) may repeat only one course once during a five year period prior to admission into the nursing program. Students may fail or withdraw from a NURS course once. 

Students interested in guaranteed admission, may apply here

If you have any questions, please contact your site specific nursing advisor

Admission Process

The Admission and Progression Committee evaluates applicants on an individual basis. Admission is competitive and the number of students admitted to the program is limited by the number of faculty and availability of clinical placements. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the program. The nursing department reserves the right to deny admission based on the best interest of the profession and availability of seats. The nursing program is delivered at multiple sites: Vermillion, Sioux Falls, Pierre and Rapid City. Applicants to multiple sites will be considered by the rank order noted on the application. Applicants may request a transfer to another site under special circumstances and upon approval and recommendation of the nursing program.

Step 1: Determine eligibility based on the application criteria.

Step 2: Eligible applicants submit a complete application for the nursing program by the published deadlines. 

Step 3: The Admission and Progression Committee evaluates applicants on individual basis and sends a conditional acceptance letter to those considered for admission. Prior to form acceptance into the program, applicants who receive a conditional acceptance letter must: 

  • Submit a $150 non-refundable online deposit
  • Complete a criminal background disclosure questionnaire and a drug screen per health affairs policy
  • Complete all nursing program electronic forms
  • Submit immunization records and complete physical to student health
  • Provide proof of major medical insurance to the nursing department

Step 4: Applicants receive a final acceptance letter from the program after step 3 is completed. 

Step 5: Applicants who receive final acceptance into the program must:

  • Obtain current CPR certification for health care providers
  • Purchase a laptop computer along with the Microsoft Office software, which is available for free through USD. Discounted laptops are available and must be purchased directly from the USD Lenovo or HP links. Laptops must comply with all USD nursing laptop requirements
  • Purchase the clinical uniform
  • Purchase lab supply kits, textbooks and learning resources at the USD campus bookstore
  • Adhere to USD and nursing policies outlined in the student handbook

View B.S.N. Nursing Student Handbook

View USD Student Handbook