Explore the diversity and behavior of humankind from biological, cultural, historical and societal perspectives.

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology houses two distinct majors that both explore humans and their behavior. You will major in either anthropology or sociology and take classes specific to each area of study.


Anthropology deals with human culture and biology, both past and present.


Sociologists find that their work is at the center of important and controversial issues, such as family change, crime and delinquency, income and wealth inequality, race relations and immigration.

News in Brief

  • Man in black tee shirt sitting on stool

    Professor David Lane discusses his unique class on the sociological meaning behind tattoos.

  • Larry Zimmerman, Ph.D.
    VERMILLION, S.D. – Larry Zimmerman, Ph.D., a former faculty member who helped build the anthropology program and the archaeology lab during his 22 years at the University of South Dakota, will discuss the role of South Dakota in national and international developments in arc...
  • USD now offers an undergraduate certificate in forensic anthropology. This new program will provide students with the ability to use analytical methods to analyze a crime scene, process large amounts of relevant forensic data and improve the quality of police and forensic work.