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Promoting innovative basic to translational research that addresses problems in neurology, neuropsychology and psychiatry.

CBBRe provides outstanding training of research students and fellows, feeding the pipeline of creative independent scientists in the fields of neuroscience and behavioral science within the northern plain states and nationally. The core members of the center are recognized in their field and are actively involved in research, the education of students, and in service to the neuroscience community.

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News in Brief

  • 2020 MidBrains Neuroscience Conference

    The MidBrains Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference will be held virtually on October 3, 2020, and will include opportunities to interact with representatives from graduate programs and a poster session for undergraduates. The poster submission deadline is September 18 and the registration deadline is September 28.

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  • 2020 CGSO Honorary Awards

    Congratulations to the awardees of the 2020 CGSO Honorary Awards for Excellence in Research, Service, and Leadership:

    - Rachel Bock

    - Ali Vogelsang

    - Joel Stroman

  • 2020 SPURA Fellows

    Congratulations to the 2020 SPURA Fellows!

    - Rusul Ali (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Lisa McFadden (BBS) on their project 'Suicidal comorbidities associated with drug use in South Dakota ER/ED visits.'

    - Chase Howe (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Cliff Summers (Biology) on their project 'Investigating the impact of 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine (DOI) on fearful and anxious behaviors.'

    - John Dohn (Neuroscience) will be working with Dr. Brian Burrell (BBS) on their project 'Meta-analysis of opioid vs. non-opioid treatments for chronic pain.'

    - Jessie Sullivan (Chemistry) will be working with Dr. Hong Zheng (BBS) on their project 'Growth differentiation factor 15 as a target and biomarker of obesity associated cardiovascular disease.'

    - Savannah Lukkes (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Jewel Shepherd (Business) on their project 'ED Utilization for Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction.'

    - Joseph Rysdon (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Victor Huber (BBS) on their project 'Evaluation on the impact of pandemic-associated social isolation on mental health: 1918 Spanish flu vs COVID-19.'

    - Joel Stroman (Medical Biology) will be working with Dr. Christopher Berghoff (Psychology) on their project 'Evaluating psychological flexibility as a mediator between the relations of posttraumatic stress symptoms and well-being among police officers.'