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Graduate programs from our divisions

Advancing professionals through robust training.


Counseling and Psychology in Education

The Division of Counseling and Psychology in Education offers programs for counseling, school psychology and educational psychology. It is home to three programs preparing scientists and practitioners.

Curriculum and Instruction

Advanced degrees in elementary education, secondary education and special education as well as a Master of Science in technology for education and training are offered from the Division of Curriculum and Instruction.

Educational Leadership

Students preparing for school administrative positions complete their program in the Division of Educational Leadership. The division also offers adult education, lifelong learning in higher education and other adult training programs.

Kinesiology and Sport Management

The Division of Kinesiology and Sport Management prepares students for positions in programs promoting health and healthy lifestyles, physical education and physical activity, recreational programming and administration, athletic administration and coaching.

Teacher Residency and Education

The Division of Teacher Residency and Education offers programs for students who are interested in entering the teaching profession and have already completed a bachelor’s degree in a non-education field.