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Welcome to the Division of Teacher Residency & Education

K-12 educators play an invaluable role in the lives of young learners. Our schools need highly trained, effective professionals who are responsive to the various needs of their students and are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century classroom.

In the Division of Teacher Residency & Education, our faculty, staff and students share a commitment to upholding best practices in teaching and fostering the strengths of all learners. Through scholarship and service to their communities, our faculty are shaping the field of education and bringing invaluable insight to the classroom. Our students engage in learning in and beyond that classroom – gaining a rich foundation in theory and evidence-based practice and then applying that knowledge in real-world settings. Whether they are furthering their careers as educators or preparing to lead their first classrooms, students can find a program that fits their unique goals here. Our department provides a supportive environment and invaluable experiences that prepare our students to succeed as highly effective elementary, secondary and special education teachers.

Join our community of driven and compassionate educators in the Division of Teacher Residency & Education.


Meet the Department

Get to know the faculty and staff in the Division of Teacher Residency & Education. Our faculty's K-12 experience informs their teaching; they know what it's like to manage a classroom, plan curriculum and teach a wide variety of learners, so they have the expertise necessary to prepare you for your future classroom.
Bio Image for Faculty Member Daniel Mourlam

Daniel Mourlam

Division Chair
Bio Image for Faculty Member Nicki Carr

Nicki Carr

Bio Image for Faculty Member Danielle Davenport

Danielle Davenport

Senior Secretary
Bio Image for Faculty Member Kristen DeMuth

Kristen DeMuth

Bio Image for Faculty Member Susan Gapp

Susan Gapp

Associate Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Lisa Hazlett

Lisa Hazlett



Young adult literature; secondary ELA education
Bio Image for Faculty Member Jamie Hovden

Jamie Hovden

Bio Image for Faculty Member Monica Iverson

Monica Iverson

Senior Lecturer


Special Education
Bio Image for Faculty Member Kelly Knutson

Kelly Knutson

Bio Image for Faculty Member Carla Kozak

Carla Kozak



K-12 Special Education
Bio Image for Faculty Member Kevin Reins

Kevin Reins

Associate Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Jacqueline Wilber

Jacqueline Wilber Ed.D.

Director-Center for Student and Professional Services
Bio Image for Faculty Member Jing Williams

Jing Williams

Associate Professor


Social Studies Education
Bio Image for Faculty Member John Williams

John Williams

Assistant Professor


With qualities like small class sizes, specialized programs and incredible student opportunities, USD is not your typical university. What makes us unique is what makes your education exceptional.

Department Opportunities

Explore the variety of opportunities and resources available to teacher residency & education.

Departments & Facilities

Explore the departments, facilities and centers housed in the Teacher Residency & Education Division.
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Center for Student and Professional Services

The School of Education offers resources and support for you in the Center for Student and Professional Services (CSPS). Our faculty and staff are committed to preparing you with resources to help you excel personally, academically and professionally.

A teacher instructing two children.

Leading the Way with the Yearlong Residency

USD was among the first universities in the nation to establish a yearlong residency model, which incorporates a full year of teaching experience into students' four-year program. This signature portion of our program prepares our students to graduate as highly-effective teachers who bring a wealth of experiences to the classroom.

Our undergraduate students say the yearlong residency gives them a higher level of confidence in the classroom. They are more prepared to set out in their own classrooms and are more attractive teaching candidates because of this unique training.
Students in a classroom laughing.

Supporting the Next Generation of Teachers

In partnership with the Sioux Falls School District, the School of Education offers a unique Teacher Pathway program that provides high school students with opportunities to explore the teaching profession and get a head start on their college education. This program offers an affordable option for students to take college credits, gain real-world experience in a classroom and see if teaching is the right path for them.

Teacher Pathway students can continue their path toward becoming educators by enrolling at USD in Vermillion or Sioux Falls. They can then go on to student teach and find employment in the Sioux Falls School District.

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A woman teaching a class of children.

Discounted Tuition for South Dakota Teachers and Vocational Instructors

If you live in South Dakota, be sure and take advantage of the 50% reduced tuition program for currently contracted elementary/secondary teachers and vocational instructors.


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Meet a USD Student

Success story Carter Larson smiling.
USD's School of Education has provided continued support throughout my academic experience and I couldn't be more thankful. The faculty has provided opportunities that are second-to-none, including the year-long residency program that provides a substantial hands-on experience.

Carter Larson

B.S.Ed. Elementary Education '22
Vermillion, South Dakota

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